Why an Interior makeover of your hotel?

As a hotel owner you know that standing still means decline. With all new developments it is important that you stay up-to-date. Not only because of new gadgets, but especially because of the current time of social media, guests will photograph your business without you knowing. It is precisely negative things such as tears in curtains (I come across it so often when we work in hotels!) Are photographed or are told to friends and colleagues. You cannot afford that negative publicity in these competitive times. Make sure your business is always tip-top. You do this through a regular interior make over hotel

How often is a hotel interior makeover necessary?

We strive for hotel designs that are timeless. That way your hotel interior will last a long time. Of course, minor updates and makeover of your hotel are always necessary due to the intensive use. A total design of a hotel interior lasts 10-15 years, we recommend a restyling of your hotel interior every 5 years. An even better approach is to upgrade a small corner every 3 years, so your guests can see that you are active in your business and you can spread the costs. Because don’t forget; stagnation means decline. Your customers see that too.


By working with a point on the horizon and a step-by-step plan, you know exactly where you are going so that the interim adjustments become logical parts of your current interior. A flexible hotel interior design allows you to carry out the makeover more easily.

How do we create a special hotel interior?

One of our secret weapons is Ingrid idiosyncratic use of color and her way of applying special materials. She also designs many tailor-made items for her hotel interiors. From carpets to lamps, from special walls to the bar in the lobby and from furniture to hotel room bed covers.


Boutique hotel lobby and hotelbar in green, gold, pink. Hotel design by Ingrid van der Veen
Boutique hotel lobby and hotelbar in green, gold, pink. Hotel design by Ingrid van der Veen

In which hotel interior styles do we work?

Wij werken voor hotels die de standaard hoog hebben en vanuit passie werken. Die inzien dat prachtige lobbies en hotelkamers een must zijn om hun publiek te binden en hier dan ook graag op inzetten. Die houden van een bijzonder interieur en daarmee de beleving van de klant vergroten.


Wij werken vanuit kleur omdat wij dit een noodzakelijk ingrediënt vinden om bijzondere hotelinterieurs te creëren. In bijvoorbeeld de Boutique Hotel en Eclectic Chic Style gebruiken wij prachtige rijke materialen die het hospitality interieur doen opleven. Wij houden ook erg van Art deco invloeden die wij vertalen naar eigentijdse interieurs. 


Indien wij een interieur make over gaan doen van een hotel interieur dat we niet zelf hebben ontworpen sluiten wij aan bij de stijl die er al staat. Wel kijken we samen welke kant je op wilt en welke stappen daarbij passen.


As a specialized hospitality design agency, we are of course aware of hotel trends. One of the most important trends we see for hotels is adapting the traditional structure of a hotel lobby. It is increasingly becoming a lifestyle lobby, which means that check-in no longer happens as it used to. The lobby may leave out the stately and switch more to pleasant spaces with a lot of atmosphere and cosiness.


Personalized experiences are also a hotel trend. By offering something that goes further than the average hotel, you distinguish yourself. Because that’s exactly what people are going to talk about. Pretty nice, right?

How do we work on your hotel makeover?

Eerst gaan we goed met jou kijken wat werkt nu wel en wat niet? Is een makeover genoeg of moeten we meer aanpakken? Waar wil je naartoe met je bedrijf? Spreek je nog steeds de juiste doelgroep aan en doe je dat in de juiste taal? We dive in deep.


We kijken ook goed of je hele customer journey klopt en eenheid uitstraalt. Vaak zien we dat hier verschillende bedrijven op hebben gezeten, waardoor het versnippert is geraakt. Je gast komt in aanraking met je via je website of een folder en dit zet zich voort totdat ze bij je geweest zijn. 


Wij werken dan als art director aan je hele bedrijf en laten het totaalplaatje kloppen van je website tot lobby, van menukaart tot bijvoorbeeld interieur van je toiletten. We kijken welke schakels nodig zijn om aan te passen en maken een plan van aanpak voor je.


Lees meer over onze werkwijze voor (luxe) hotel interieurs. 

Retro hotel minibar in soft pink, blue and Gold. Design by Ingrid van der Veen

What are we inspired by for hotel interiors?

Color is one of the most important parts of our designs. We therefore look at new palettes for each project. Fashion is an important source of inspiration for this, but Ingrid often works from her intuition.


Every year we visit many (international) trade fairs in the field of interior. We are therefore well aware of the trends in the field of colors, materials for (hotel) interiors, but above all we go our own way. We stand for interiors that are not trend-sensitive, in order to do an interior make over hotels that are time-resistant.

Your company our next hotel makeover project?

Is your hotel interior in need of a makeover? A big or a small makeover? Or somewhere in between? Maybe you have become curious about how your customer journey can be improved? Let us help you. We prefer nothing more. Because we often see so many points for improvement.

Please feel free to contact us. Want to know more about our work first? Read it here.