Your hotel or restaurant interior is your easiest and smartest marketing tool.

In our FREE video ‘The Secret Of a Top Notch Hospitality Interior’ you will discover how to create a high-profile interior in order to attract more guests by excellent reviews, so that your bookings go through the roof, boosting sales and bringing you peace of mind.

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You are a highly ambitious, forward-thinking hospitality entrepreneur, and you know you can provide your guests with the wow factor. 

Bu maybe you are uncertain about how you can maintain your pioneering position in your sector,  or you find it difficult to translate your identity into an appealing interior. Maybe you want to introduce a new interior or make adjustments to your existing one but you’re afraid of missing the mark?

We understand. Therefore, it is time to stop making concessions and be on top in the game with the finest guests, a 100% occupancy rate, and a rock-solid image.

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We are very happy with the result. It has become exactly as we intended it.

Jonnie en Thérèse Boer, De Librije
3 star Michelin Star Restaurant & 5 Star Hotel

Jonnie and Therese obiously have a high standard to maintain and realized that their hotel rooms did not fully meet these standards, even though they were getting compliments from everyone. So they gave me the freedom to raise the level of the interiors of their hotel rooms to that of their distinctive three-star Michelin restaurant, so that they could maintain ‘top notch’ in their business as well.
Would you like us to help you stay at the top through an interior everyone will be talking about?


My name is Ingrid van der Veen and I help hospitality entrepreneurs at the top of the market achieve a high-profile interior that allows them to stay at the top and ahead of the competition.

I’ve loved colours all my life. I grew up in a colourful family. What others find exciting, I consider normal.

This is exactly why I get asked to design eye-catching interiors for single-minded entrepreneurs who want to give their guests an unforgettable experience.

Our promises to you

Translating your story

How do you get your interior to tell the customer what they want to remember? If you do this right, you will gain access to the subconscious of your guests. They’ll get the feeling they’re in the right place and that’s why they’ll keep coming back for more, without even being able to explain why

Bespoke pieces

Dare to opt for customised solutions, so that you can be the high-profile ‘place to go’ that people at the top of the market are talking about. For me as a designer, it's always a thrilling moment when I show my bespoke designs to my hospitality clients for the first time.

Guidance in the implementation

We’re all aware of the disconnect between a good idea and bad execution. A top quality execution of the design is essential. This is exactly why I’m involved in my projects right through to completion, so that the design actually gets transformed into the high-profile interior we had in mind. .

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