About Ingrid van der Veen,

award-winning Hospitality Designer

"As designers we have the magic to turn thoughts into tangible matter"

Blending the boundaries between architecture, interior, objects and art, I interpret memories and create dreams.

A juxtaposition of contexts, spaces and elements that evoke emotion. A non-linear story that blurs nostalgia, current sensations and hopes. Linking, mixing and matching of different time periods.

From research to the careful and rigorous selection of pieces, textures, colors and shapes. Each unit of the ensemble nurtures the pleasures of the senses and represents the creativity of me. The unique and personal vision and taste arising from my individual and cultural interactions with the world give content and meaning to all the details put together.

A materialization of passion with an impeccable signature.

"Applying a lot of color with beautiful patterns, designs and textures is not so common. But my experience as a designer is that it is exactly by using these components correctly you can tell a stunning story with an astonishing end result. By deciding not to follow the crowd, but to follow my own path with my developed way of applying color, shape, textures and designs, I help hotel and restaurant owners who realize that this is exactly what can make them unique."

I often hear,
“Wow what a lot of color, but it doesn't look hectic at all, how super cool!”

After my graduation in art school as an architectural designer I did not take the route most graduates did.

Instead of joining an architectural or design firm, I entered the film, television and theatre world as a set designer. It was a logical step for me; at the academy I was already creating worlds where all kinds of disciplines came together.

After years of working as a scenographer for major theatre productions, having worked at the top of the Dutch film world, and running my own design label, I have been running my studio for high profile interiors for many years now.

Everything that I have done and learned in all my design experiences comes together, it makes me very happy.

I help entrepreneurs with artistic and avant-garde hospitality concepts which are works of art in themselves to astonish and energize their guests.

So would you like me to help you stay at the top through an interior everyone will be talking about?

Join me in my top-notch design solution

It feels really fantastic for me to discover with every new beautiful customer what one-off story we can tell and how I can help them grow in their entrepreneurship.


So think about what would happen if your interior projected more daring. What would this mean for your business? You’re only one choice away from a totally different situation. What would your business look like in 12 months’ time if you accept my offer to help you?

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My goal is to help you get from where you are now to that high-profile interior that’s completely in line with your identity and that will help you stay on top.