About Ingrid

My name is Ingrid van der Veen and I help hospitality entrepreneurs at the top of the market achieve a high-profile interior that allows them to stay at the top and ahead of the competition.

 I’ve loved colours all my life. I grew up in a colourful family. For example, my grandmother was still wearing cobalt blue and bright fuchsia dresses with stunning matching hats when she was 90. What others find exciting, I consider normal.
This is exactly why I get asked to design eye-catching interiors for single-minded entrepreneurs who want to give their guests an unforgettable experience.


I’ve noticed that it’s because my interior designs are so unique that they are of interest to the top of the market. And I just totally love working with hospitality entrepreneurs who want to be unique, who want to stay away from the humdrum middle-of-the-road. We are often a logical match when we meet.

I often hear, “Wow what a lot of color! But it doesn't come across as busy at all, how super cool!”

Applying a lot of color with beautiful patterns, designs and textures is not so common. But my experience as a designer is that it is exactly by using these components correctly you can tell a stunning story with an astonishing end result.


I like to make clear choices and I like to communicate that way as well. You will notice that as an art director and product designer I have developed a good practical and technical insight and a great knowledge of materials when we start working together.


By deciding not to follow the crowd, but to follow my own path with my developed way of applying color, shape, textures and designs, I help hotel and restaurant owners who realize that this is exactly what can make them unique.

Join me in my top-notch design solution

It feels really fantastic for me to discover with every new beautiful customer what one-off story we can tell and how I can help them grow in their entrepreneurship.


So think about what would happen if your interior projected more daring. What would this mean for your business? You’re only one choice away from a totally different situation. What would your business look like in 12 months’ time if you accept my offer to help you?

So would you like me to help you stay at the top through an interior everyone will be talking about?

Let's ride with me in our Top-notch Design Solution!

My goal is to help you get from where you are now to that high-profile interior that’s completely in line with your identity and that will help you stay on top.