Top-notch design solution

Get the key to becoming the most talked about player in the upper segment of your market, guaranteed to be fully booked with the best guests, getting fantastic reviews, and leaving the competition way behind you.

Imagine that your interior lets your guests know exactly what they can expect, that everything they see reflects the top level your company stands for.


Because this is exactly the first step we will take together: translating your story into your interior. How do you get your interior to tell the customer what they want to remember?

If you do this right, you will gain access to the subconscious of your guests. They’ll get the feeling they’re in the right place and that’s why they’ll keep coming back for more, without even being able to explain why.




If you ignore this step, your establishment will not be in line with your kitchen, your vision, your service and… your guests’ expectations. So first visualize in concrete terms the story you want your interior to tell. This is always the starting point I use with my clients.  


And how would your guests feel if they walked in and saw that everything was spot on?

That nothing had been left to chance. They won't stop looking!

Because this is exactly what you’ll achieve with the next step: a mind-blowing design with at least the following 8 components: cost-saving walking routes, unique objects, eye-catching settings, refined textures, rich colours, luxurious furnishings, a sphere-enhancing lighting plan, and the finest materials.


You will surprise people with combinations and details they have never seen before. The pitfall here is to go for standard solutions, because that will result in you becoming just one of the many out there, which is of course something you definitely want to avoid.


So dare to opt for customised solutions, so that you can be the high-profile ‘place to go’ that people at the top of the market are talking about. For me as a designer, it’s always a thrilling moment when I show my designs to my hospitality clients for the first time. They too are amazed to see their dream come true. Their dream, which they will soon be able to step into. 

We’re all aware of the disconnect between a good idea and bad execution

That’s why in this last step, a top-quality execution of the design is essential. That’s the only way to make a dream come true at this level.


Far too often, concessions are made in the design during the construction or renovation stages. Interior fitters or entrepreneurs often want to make their own decisions or give their own twist to the original design, so that you end up missing the mark.


This is exactly why I’m involved in my projects right through to completion, so that the design actually gets transformed into the high-profile interior we had in mind.

So would you like me to help you stay at the top through an interior everyone will be talking about?

Or are you content to stay in your comfort zone, with the risk of soon being overtaken by the competition?

Let's ride with me in our Top-notch Design Solution!

My goal is to help you get from where you are now to that high-profile interior that’s completely in line with your identity and that will help you stay on top.