4 reasons why your hotel interior is average now

What strikes me as a hospitality designer is that at the moment you mainly see more of the same in interior design for hotels and restaurants. And nothing really special.

Why is that? Below are four causes and the dangers.

1. Not making groundbreaking choices

By not making groundbreaking choices, but safe ones you will lower your overall level. After all, safety is mainstream and you want to stay away from that.

2. Selecting the wrong parties for interior design

Many hotels work with large furniture suppliers and also purchase a design through them. But you know too that the interior designers who work for these companies are not avant-garde and therefore not able to provide you a design truly unique. 

They only can spend little time on your design which results in more of the same that they have already done. There is no time for customization, something your interior needs to stand out. They also select from their own collection, which makes it boring and predictable.

3. Making adjustments yourself

It seems very innocent, but it is precisely through small adjustments that you bring your environment out of balance. As a result, guests cannot fully relax and subconsciously get the feeling that they want to cut short their stay or leave.

4. Thinking your interior is already good enough

Another apparent innocent, but dangerous issue is thinking your interior is already good enough, because you are already quite full and receive compliments from guests. Standing still is going backwards, especially at high-level hotels and restaurants.

And this the result of all that is this:

The result is that you, as a hotel or restaurant, will end up in quicksand. You will become one of the many out there and your interior will not work for you in this way.

But know that it can.  

Another danger is that you don’t get into the right magazines because you don’t really stand out. And that your guests don’t share their visit to you on Insta because it’s not worth sharing (been there, done that)
And… that you don’t attract your best guests.

Wow, that sucks, right?

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