The golden step to start with

Imagine that your interior lets your guests know exactly what they can expect, that everything they see reflects the top level your company stands for.

All the details in your company express the love for your guests, the way you think about food, the way you overthought the customer journey because you want to have them the best experience they have ever had.

By showing your detailed vision your guests immediately feel that is not just a stay at your hotel or a dinner at your restaurant, they totally feel your vibe in their guts.

And that my babe, is where the gold is.

Your hospitality concept

So think about what you want your interior to tell the customer what they want to remember. What hospitality interior design concept does it take to get you where you want to go?

Because this is exactly what the first step in our Top-Notch Design Solution is all about:

Translating your story into your interior.

By doing this right, you will gain access to the subconscious of your guests. They’ll get the feeling they’re in the right place and that’s why they’ll keep coming back for more, without even being able to explain why.

If you ignore this step, your establishment will not be in line with your kitchen, your vision, your service and… your guests’ expectations.

So start by getting crystal clear on this. Because your whole hotel or restaurant design will be build around your hospitality concept. Think about stuff like; What type of customers are we targeting and what kind of environment do they need? How long do they stay? What times are we open? What type of kitchen do we have? What vibe do we want our company to have? Relaxed, formal, alternative, chic?

Investigate it all! For example, do you serve many small dishes, so that the tables are filled with bowls and many small plates?

Yes, this can be overwhelming to all think thru, but think about what happens if you don’t!

How color is an important marketing tool in your business

The less focus you have, the more fragmented your interior design will become. Our experience is that when there is no or too little focus, it is difficult to make the right choices in style, colors, materials etc. And believe me, THAT will have an effect….!

So, how clear is your vision? Is it evident who you are or want to become? Can the hospitality interior design concept be translated right away from your guidebook?

If we work with our clients in our Top-notch Design Solution, the first step we take is get their story out. And when things are not super clear yet, no problem at all, we will think along with them. We love concepting! So we don’t need pages of strategies and visions to be clear yet. (Do I hear a relieved sigh there?!)

Think about it; seeing yourself like a brand, a thinking process will start that will benefit your business in many ways. All choices you need to make in your business are made so much more easily because you made the effort to brand it. And I’m not just talking about interior choices, think about your marketing! What would it be like for you if you had a guidebook that you could draw on over and over again?

Create that strong and bold hospitality interior design concept

The more prominently you position yourself, the better people can remember you and as a result they refer people to you. Well you know, we like you to make bold choices. Not just be bold, that is way too simple, but because it totally works. Big time.

So get your story out there, you are so unique! There’s not on in a billion people like you, so stand your ground and attract those super guests you long for. If you need help in this too, let me know.

Go rock the sky!

Make more revenue with a high profile interior

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