A great hotel interior design, why?

What sets the mood right away for your guests when they come in? Your hotel interior design! 

Your hotel interior is the first essential factor in shaping the guest experience. The interior communicates the top level you stand for.

Having a great hotel interior design makes sure you have created a splashing visual backdrop to enjoy your hotel and your premium services. All elements in the design should contribute to that feeling. You may immediately think of this in the from of art and decoration or the furniture. But there is way more to these elements that make up a fantastic hotel interior design. 

Let your guests be blown away by all the carefully chosen colors and materials as they navigate from the entrance, the hallways, the lobby all the way from the corridors to they hotelroom. Or have your day guests enjoying your excellent restaurant of bar for a dinner or a cocktail.  

The hotel interior design sets the mood

In this post we share how the hotel interior impacts the guest satisfaction.

You know how important the combination of all aspects of your hotel are for the total guest experience. From the online process, the checking in, the dining, the friendly and helpful staff the hotelroom up till leaving your hotel after one or many nights.  

And even though your outstanding service is of huge importance, the atmosphere your guests surround themselves with in your hotel is crucial. Your hotel interior design determines the guest satisfaction. So to set the mood is key here. You can do this by creating a visual experience that lasts during their entire stay and is consistent in your whole hotel on every moment.  

Start with the lobby. It is the first space your guests will see from you while entering. Waiting to be checked in or heading to the bar for a drink, their eyes will ander around. What people do right this moment is checking if your hotel meets their expectations. Is it what they hoped for? Big moment for you to deliver here!


As all this happens quietly on an intuitive level setting the mood intentionally should be a priority goal for all hotel owners and operators. This can be achieved by adjusting the right elements.


How your hotel interior design can set you apart

As the hotel industry is very competitive it is important to stand out from the crowd. Your hotel interior design is the easiest and smartest way to do this. Use your hotel design as your unique selling point and to tell your story also visually. 

Having a signature style that people recognize within a million is super smart to do. This way you will not drown in the many out there. Also think of what this does for you when people are searching online; you will pop out right away as your hotel interior design is so special it attracts the eye in all the hotel options people see online.

It might get challenging with guests with refined tastes and specific requirements. One of the critical strategies for succes in a competitive market is uniqueness. Your hospitality design emphasizes the outstanding visual experience to convey your brand story. 

When you are a smart hotel entrepreneur (and we know you are), use the fact that we as humans are visual creatures. Therefor we will select hotels that harmonize with our aesthetics. Know that is 100% possible to target a specific group by altering the hotel interior design. Attract them and make them want to return. 

How your hotel interior design creates brand love​

Isn’t it great to have ambassadors that totally promote your hotel? But how do you get them to not stop talking about you to their family and friends? How do you get them to spread the word and share their photos of their stay with you?

By creating a memorable experience.

A hotel has many functions to deliver. The trick here is to wrap them all in a delicious dish and to provide the best impression despite delivering the utmost comfort. Your hotel interior design can do all that for you. And your guests counts them a positive experience. 

So when your quest have immersed themselves your  comfort and visual experience, they will become the ultimate advocates for your brand. A happy customer loves to are his experience and share their photos on social media.

And we both know that user-generated content is essential, it delivers you free marketing that is credible to other potential customers. 


The hospitality industry is dynamic and competitive. And we understand that discovering your signature brand aesthetics can be challenging.

Let Studio Ingrid van der Veen help you convey your concept into the space and bring it to life. We will help you position the hotel interior design as your unique selling point, setting you apart from competitors.

We will gladly assist you in building a hospitality brand that delivers memorable experiences! Get in touch with us and we will be happy to show you what we can do for you.

Let’s get you standing out and growing!


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