Exclusive three day Hospitality Design Training

6, 13 en 20 april 2023

An exclusive three day training on hospitality design, colour use, and balance by award-winning hospitality designer Ingrid van der Veen 

When you know there's more for you...

Are you already starting to water when you see magnificent hotel lobbies, fairytale hotel rooms and mega cool restaurants? And do you think it would be the bomb for you to design something yourself, but do you find it exciting to start without much background?

Even though you’ve been a designer for years?


Or do you own a hotel and or restaurant and would you like to get more insight in what it takes to create a top-notch interior and what it will bring you?

Hospitality Designer and color freak Ingrid van der Veen will give an exclusive three-day training which will increase your knowledge in the field of

Hospitality Design * Color * Balance in Interior Designs

She gives the lessons based on her experience and own developed successful way of working. A ton of inspiration and information will be shared that you can immediately apply in your own business and projects.

Just wait until you read the ultimate bonus below that will probably have you hitting the sign up button right away!

What will you learn in the
Hospitality Design Training

In each training, Ingrid dives into several aspects of interior design often from her field of hospitality design, but certainly also applicable to all kinds of areas of interior design.

As Ingrid always goes for the best herself, the last thing she wants is to leave you with many questions after a one-day superficial masterclass. That’s why she decided to create a deep dive three-day trip for you.

In which you will learn, among other things:

"My goal is to help you get from where you are now
to that high-profile interior designer"


What content is covered in the
Hospitality Design training?

Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design is a specialty within the interior design industry. There are no educations or courses for this in the Netherlands, hence Ingrid’s motivation to help interested parties further by sharing her knowledge in the field of hotel and restaurant design. (but can also be used in elsewhere!)

Branding, layouts, translating a story into an interior, creating atmosphere, designing and producing custom-made items, specific hospitality material use, colors. We’ve got you covered!


Using colour in Interior Design

Ingrid notes that even interior designers often seem to have a hard time applying color in their designs. In the course she explains what color adds to your design, why and when you should apply it and how to do this with balance.

With many practical examples and explanations, after this course you will be more confident to start using colour.

Creating Balance in Interior Design

Ingrids designs are all about balance, so this part had to been in your course! Learn which elements matter that create this  balance in your interior designs, how to balance them in an exciting way and how to build your entire design from 1 design library. Ingrid also discusses materials, colours, textures, light, atmosphere and lines based on examples of her own work.


Because all these elements are inextricably linked, they will come to the fore in all three days.

We have limited space, so make sure to sign up below to join the ride!

For who is this Hospitality Design Training?

This exclusive three day training are intended for highly ambitious interior professionals such as interior designers and interior architects who are looking for more depth. It is also very interesting for hotel/restaurant owners who want to learn what it takes to create a high-profile interior and what it brings them.

Basically anyone who is interested in learning more about Hospitality Design and interior design in general.

About Ingrid van der Veen

“As designers we have the magic to turn thoughts into tangible matter” 

Blending the boundaries between architecture, interior, objects and art, she interprets memories and creates dreams.

After studying architectural design Ingrid worked many years as a scenographer for major theatre productions, worked at the top of the Dutch film industry as a set designer and art director, and ran her own design label.

Nowadays she runs her interior design studio focussing on high-profile hospitality design.



3 Mentor calls are included in which I look at your projects with you and help you if you get stuck or have questions. This way you stay on track, inspired and motivated.

“By opening yourself up to the knowledge and insights of others, you can grow faster.”

Via a 1,5 hour Teams call you can ask all your questions to Ingrid. It has been found that other people’s questions are often very valuable to listen to for your own development. 

Practical information

The course is given by hospitality designer Ingrid van der Veen.
Language of instruction: Dutch

Studio Ingrid van der Veen
Elburgerweg 21, Hattemerbroek

Dates & time:
April 6, 13, 20 2023

We start at 10.00 am (walk in from 9.45 am), lunchbreak from 12.30 to 13.30 with a lovely lunch and close around 16:00. The last hour is for questions on your own projects that you would like Ingrid’s reflection on.




€ 2.095,- ex VAT

(paid by invoice after signing up)

Lunch, coffee, tea, juice and fruit/sweets are included. 


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Are you unsure whether this suits your needs and would you like to talk it over with Ingrid? We understand! Mail us at info@ingridvanderveen.com with your question and telephone number and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

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