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Clothes make the man and exclusive designer furniture make your interior. Special and original design furniture gives your interior a wonderfully luxurious look and makes your home, hotel or restaurant something special.

Exclusive custom made furniture

By designing exclusive furniture for our projects, interiors with their own identity are created. This way we can make the custom-designed and hand-made furniture beautifully match the style and colors of the rest of the interior. For each project we work with a “library” of shapes, designs and colors. By applying them consistently we can influence the interior even more and make it a whole that is unique.


Together with carefully selected interior builders and furniture makers, we realize this exclusive furniture for our customers. All materials for the designs are carefully selected to achieve a stunning result. We apply this custom-made furniture in hotel interiors, restaurants and private homes.


Did you know that besides furniture we also design many other exclusive items for our interiors? For example, we design beautiful folding screens or wall partitions, carpets, kitchens, bar stools, wallpaper, (walk-in) cabinets, well… what not?

exclusive-design-furniture-dining tables

Buy luxury furniture through our suppliers

In addition to designing a lot ourselves, we also buy a lot of luxury furniture from our beautiful suppliers. Every year we go to many (international) fairs to keep up to date with new materials and exclusive design furniture. For example, we have a wonderful offer for our customers and we know exactly our options for each project.


Most of our customers want to be helped with a beautiful total interior that is in balance and of which design furniture is a balanced part. Are you looking for exclusive design furniture? Then customized or from our suppliers? We are happy to help you choose the perfect furniture for your interior. Our exclusive furniture is a real eye-catcher for your interior.


Design furniture and exclusive furniture tailor-made for your hotel

For hotel interior projects we like to combine the collections of our suppliers with customized items. This creates a unique atmosphere in your hotel. This is of course possible in the hotel lobby with the bar, the hotel rooms and the restaurant.


We designed the bar below which can be used both in the lobby and as a minibar in the hotel rooms. He was received with great enthusiasm at several fairs, such as the Masters of LXRY and the Experience Fair. It is available in all kinds of colors and materials.

By upgrading your hotel from time to time with a hotel makeover, we can help you strengthen your brand. Your guests like to come back again and again and see that you are always working on your company.

What do you prefer for your interior? Luxury furniture from a supplier or exclusive custom furniture? Or maybe a combination of the two?