Hospitality interior advice

Your business is your child, or maybe you have more children that you need to take care of at the same time. Then it is super important that you have everything in order and that you can start seeking advice in the catering industry. To make sure your business runs smoothly. That they are full, that your guests are happy and that everything is right!

Why Hospitality interior advice?

Your business is your baby, but sometimes you just need a nanny. Because you don’t have to do it all yourself. By letting yourself get out of your comfort zone you get the best out of yourself. Hey, you’re smart, aren’t you? A catering establishment advice gives you (with a good) designer a lot of tools and insights that you had not yet thought of yourself. Or he or she can give substance to the ideas you already have. This way you can mirror with a professional.

We always lovingly take our customers out of their comfort zone. Because we know they hire us for that. (otherwise you could also do it yourself, right?)



A small budget for a your catering establishment?

With a small budget, avoid wanting to do everything just a little. That still costs money and effort and your guests probably won’t even notice. Just make sure things aren’t broken. That is very bad for your image. Flaking skirting boards are maybe oke if you are an old Irish pub, but if you are in a different or higher segment, a lick of paint is really necessary.


Work with an eye-catcher that will become the talk of the town. Focus on one part and create a WOW effect. We often use the walls or lighting for this. In our vision you can quickly make a big difference by changing these elements. We also look closely at your target group, what do they pay attention to? By making a visual impact in your hospitality interior design, the somewhat poorer music installation is less noticeable, for example, but they are talking about that special print that dominates your entire business and that everyone recognizes you by.


No budget for your hospitality interior?

Then don’t start a business. Rock hard, but that’s really what we recommend. You need sales to meet your goals. Guests also expect a high-quality interior with high quality food. Unfortunately, we sometimes see that going wrong. Then you do not meet expectations and you therefore do not reach your target group. And with that your sales will drop.

Make a dot on the horizon for your hospitality design

We always say; know where you want to go. Put that dot on the horizon. We make step-by-step plans for this so that you know well what you can do to transform your business each year. But of course it is and remains ideal to do everything at once. Also because after a number of years you are again faced with maintenance and decay. Or do a hotel make over in time.

A strong brand through good hospitality interior advice

When we are asked to advise a catering establishment, we often go a few steps back with our clients. We first take a good look at what works and what does not work for you. But also; what story do you want to tell? Where do you want to go with your company? Are you still addressing the right target group and are you doing it in the right language?


We carefully check whether your entire customer journey is correct and radiates unity. We often see that various companies have been working on this. The graphic designer designed the logo and the menus, the web designers do the website, the napkins and clothing are ordered from a wholesaler and so on. All in all, it may have become very fragmented.


We can bring this into line, so that you radiate one face on every front. Your story is correct from start to finish, making you a super strong brand. As an art director, we will work on your entire company and ensure that the overall picture is right, from your website to lobby, from menu to napkins and from your toilets to company clothing.

We look at which links are needed to adjust and draw up an action plan for you. If you want to, of course.


Luxury furnishings in your hospitality design

We specialize in designing special and exclusive interiors. We come up with unique concepts for both restaurants and hotels, starting from scratch every time.


Our advice; show guts with your hospitality design


Dare to stick your neck out. Tensive? Sometimes. Required? For sure.

By showing courage with your restaurant, it is clear what you stand for. And you give your guest an experience. How wonderful is it to go to the theater and dress up and sit in that beautiful red plush in that richly decorated theater room? The lodges with their beautiful golden curling frames. It all contributes to your the experience. You can also give that to your guests in your restaurant.


People love that and it is the perfect way for the nicest and best reviews. Put yourself in the shoes of your guests:


Couple 1 goes to an average business, oke food, oke service, oke business over all. The next day is business as usual. No super special memories, so nothing special to share with friends, family or friends.


Couple 2 does not go to an average business; they come in and are already wonderfully overwhelmed by the cool interior (they had of course already seen this on the website, but also read about it in that interior magazine and heard about it from friends) Then the service does it just a little different and more original than elsewhere, they also wear clothing that completely matches the interior and the whole look and feel. They haven’t had a bite yet, but you can see them thinking; wow, this is great and special!

And then they see your unique menu where they have heard and read all about. That will be difficult to choose! The lady goes to the toilet for a moment and comes back enthusiastically. “Marc; you really have to check the toilets! ” Huh? Yes just go! So Mark hurries to the bathroom and coming back he says enthusiastically; “How cool!” All in all an evening where all their senses were stimulated and everything was right.


Three guesses which couple will talk about their night out the next day. And guess who will book with you soon. The friends of couple 2 of course.


Choose your couple!


Hire a designer for your hospitality interior design

If you want to achieve this too, it is smart to hire a hospitality designer. A professional sees opportunities that you do not see yourself and can bring out the strengths of your business. We always look at both smaller and larger budgets to see how we can get the most out of your business and budget. Because we want to make that statement for you, so that you will soon be in that magazine you have wanted to be in for a long time. And so you become the talk of the town and your tent is packed. Sounds good?


Thérèse & Jonnie Boer of ***Michelin Star restaurant De Librije: Ingrid has her own style, which suits us perfectly. When styling she opts for color, diversity, beautiful functional materials and organic elements.

Due to the good discussions we have with her in advance, Ingrid knows exactly what our wishes are and she can then translate this well. We are very happy with the result. It turned out exactly as we envisioned it.


Are you ready to rock and roll? Would you like to spar with Ingrid about hospitality design advice, to see if you are a match? That is of course possible. Let us know!