Luxurious look bedroom

Would you like a lovely bedroom that reminds you of the most beautiful Boutique Hotels as you see everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest? A dream bedroom in which you can relax in your comfortable bed every night with the most beautiful pillows, the best sheets to sleep under and wake up rested in the morning?

Create a seat for a luxurious bedroom

What I always do in my hotel room design is to add a seat. This not only feels luxurious and hotel-like, but is also very practical. You can sit for a while putting on your high heels, or if you don’t feel like hanging your evening dress neatly on your hanger after a lovely evening you can hang it over the seat. Do you have the space in your bedroom to create this? An armchair if the space is not too big or a special chaise longue or even an entire sofa! (or two) give your bedroom that luxurious look. By choosing rich fabrics you get to where you want to be.

Blue, white & gold luxurious Boutique Hotelstyle hotelroom Kardoen Librije, design by Ingrid van der Veen

Luxurious bedroom look with the right lighting

Promise me one thing; get that ugly ceiling light out of your bedroom first. This is THE killer of many bedrooms. If you still want a lamp on your ceiling, look at a different place than exactly where the central box is. (This is a logical place for the electricity, but not for your bedroom interior.)


I prefer to choose a pendant lamp more above the bed for example, or two smaller ones next to the bed, above the bedside tables. I also like to work with lamp shades. Both floor and table lamps work very well. The dimmed light immediately gives your room a cozy atmosphere. Shiny fabrics on the hoods give your bedroom a wonderfully luxurious look. In addition, LED strips work very nicely in details, such as in or under cabinets or under a ceiling plinth. A good lighting plan enhances the luxurious feeling in your bedroom.

Wallpaper bedroom with a luxurious look

Wallpaper is pre-eminently a means to give your bedroom a luxurious look and I use it in really every project. And there is so much to choose from! I look at what appearance I want to give the room, what colors the room will get and choose the wallpaper on it. Which wallpaper you choose for a bedroom with a luxurious look depends on which style and color setting you want to apply, but also look at wallpaper that gives very subtle certain effects. For example with a gloss or metallic effect. Did you know that there is also wallpaper with light in it? Not such a cheap starry sky effect, but really super chic wallpaper with a very cool effect that fits perfectly in your bedroom.

Blue, purple & red luxurious Boutique Hotelstyle hotelroom Pinksterbloem Librije, design by Ingrid van der Veen

Warm feet

If you don’t have carpeting in your bedroom, add a nice rug. Slide it halfway under your bed (it feels so wonderful on your feet when you get out of bed!) And let it cross over on both sides and the front. This way you get that refined hotel feeling and your bedroom gets a luxurious appearance. You can choose high or low pile, uni or patterns. The choice is yours!

Personal character

Besides wanting your bedroom to be luxurious, you probably want it to be a personal space. You do this, for example, by displaying personal items on a separate sideboard. A small collection, grouped in a beautiful setting.

We like to work with personal items that we make look even better in a new setting. Something that no longer looks good in the living room can get a second life in your bedroom. If you don’t have so many special personal items to display, we will look for beautiful items in our projects that complement your bedroom.

A statement headboard for a luxurious bedroom look

Because your bed is the central item in your bedroom, you can pay a lot of attention to this. We design custom headboards for every bedroom and hotel room project. This makes it luxurious and unique and is a relatively small adjustment with a mindblowing result. Here too you can have lighting incorporated very well. Suitable wall lamps that enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom.


Also pay attention to your bedding; is that still a bit up-to-date or is it still there because it is still “okay”? I myself can really enjoy a nice duvet cover. That really makes the difference. For example, cotton satin feels wonderfully cool and has a luxurious hotel feeling due to the beautiful shine.


In addition to a luxurious look, a bed runner also gives your bedroom a boutique hotel room feeling. We always design it to measure, so that it matches the style and colors of the bedroom. We will of course also add matching pillows, as you can see below!

Luxurious hotelroom in vanilla, cream, soft yellow and black. Design by Ingrid van der Veen. Hotel De Librije

High curtains for that extra WOW!

Also a golden rule; hang your curtains from ceiling to floor and let them hang just bumping the floor. This makes the room seem even higher. Is your space already high? Then it gets an even more luxurious appearance. We like to choose thicker curtains because they fall better and thus bring the luxurious look up a few steps. This can also be done by lining them, so you can apply a tasteful fabric on both sides and, for example, have lovely ruffles sewn in. And the icing on the cake for me; a great curtain box. I always design them to measure, upholstered with the most beautiful fabrics or wallpaper!

A luxurious dressing

A bedroom with a walk-in dressing is a wish of many of my clients. I always check if we can use a connecting bedroom for this and make a small breakthrough. This is possible, for example, by working with glass walls and subtle and good lighting, so you have a dressing killer.

Immerse yourself in the luxury that you grant yourself!

Are you ready to give your bedroom a wonderfully luxurious look? Would you like to, but do you still find it difficult to figure this out yourself? Would you like to know what I can do for you here? Please feel free to contact me.