What outstanding Hotel interior designs do for your advertising budget

If you run an independent hotel, you’re bound to face some crazy competition with a booking system like Booking.com. You can use them well, but at the same time you will never rank above Booking.com with your advertisement. 

Very irritating, because if guests book directly with you, you earn much more. Simple stuff. 

How can you make sure that you make friends with such a Booking.com and that they make their money work for you, but so do you. 

Let Booking.com do its thing and let them be at the top. Ultimately, you will also get a lot of customers that way. 


What would it be like if hotel interior designs ensure that your bookings automatically roll in...

And that international magazines ask if they can please write about you. That guests really care about who you are and not because they ‘accidentally’ look for a bed for the night or their holiday. 

This is quite possible by taking steps in your company yourself. An outstanding hotel interior design is exactly the way to go. And I’m not talking about a nice something that everyone already “likes” quite well. You understand that “pretty fun” won’t get you in the main magazines. That your reviews will not go through the roof or attract the best customers that you’re looking for. 

We are talking about groundbreaking new and different. That’s right from head to toe and all the vibes are going in the same direction. Where your guests want to go NOW from the moment, they view your website. They hate that you are fully booked for the next six months but are happy to wait for it. 

But more than that is needed. You can read that at the bottom of this article. 

Now you probably want to know… 

How do you get Hotel interior designs to work for you? ​

How do you get Hotel interior designs to work for you?

1. Stop your limiting beliefs

Hoteliers are not always open to innovation. They do not see that they have a problem and, for example, do not want to re-instruct the entire staff or are satisfied with the current situation.

2. Decide that this is the route you will take.

This seems logical, but to be successful in this it is very important that you choose very consciously and with full dedication. Because only then are you prepared to go through all the steps, invest and successfully complete the project.

3. Choose your bold identity

Choose who you want to be in the future and stick with it.
Especially that last one. By deciding in this and implementing it consistently, you are staying away from the 
humdrum middle-of-the-road. This step is often not followed, not even at 4–5-star hotels!

4. Be willing to go into the stretch.

Does it feel exciting? If you stay safely within your limits and let your inner judge speak (are high-profile hotel interior designs really the solution, we already have nice guests. Does it attract who we want?) Put your higher self in the driver’s seat and show guts. This allows you go the extra 100 miles beyond your competitors.
By thinking big, you create concepts that really stick with your guests.

5. Envision it.

Why are there too little amazing hotel interior designs out there? Because many people can’t imagine it in their mind’s eye. If people don’t learn to use their creativity, they don’t learn how to imagine things, they can’t create a reality drastically different from the one they know. 
The great thing about being creative is that you can see a different future in front of you that you can start creating.

6. Swich hats

Think like the marketeer of a large innovative company. Think Google, Disneyland, Cartier. How would they position your company, what innovative aspects would they add?

7. Think big.

Don’t just implement your ideas in a hotel interior design but roll it out across all facets of your company. Keep reading…

What else matters besides hotel interior designs?

What else matters besides high-profile hotel interior designs?

I often say to entrepreneurs; if you don’t put all the sliders up in your interior, it will never be talked about. What I often see is that things are tackled, but not from a total vision. 

The website is being modernized with a new reservation system. The floor covering has seen better days and is being renewed. The menus go from paper to something else fun. All separate actions and from different disciplines. 

Your guest goes through a route with you. They probably book through your website, then they come to you, stay, or eat with you. So, they have lots of moments where they will have an opinion about you. If your story is not told unambiguously, people unconsciously get confused. 

By ensuring that you tell one story during this customer journey, your guests become enchanted on a subconscious level. Sounds good or not? 

What else matters besides hotel interior designs?

Think from the whole picture, from logo to interior. From the menus to the thank you gift when guests leave you. A total plan in which we “turn all the sliders up” and as art director monitor the big picture in your company like a lioness. Because that’s where the magic happens. 

Do you also believe in a total approach to your company? One where everything is thought out from start to finish? And do you see that hotel interior designs with a connecting branding that are high-profile are the way to go? 


If this is exactly what you are looking for, please contact me for a free consultation. Because this is exactly what I help companies with. So they become friends with Booking.com and stand on their own two feet to attract the coolest guests. 


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