Practicality and Aesthetics in Luxury Hotels; how to handle the friction

The practical considerations in relation to a beautiful interior for your luxury hotel can feel like a balancing act, right? You want to assert a defined layer of opulence through sophisticated aesthetics and yet you struggle how you can do this without falling into ugly standard solutions. 

An unbalanced focus on style over function can result in the sacrifice of a space’s function, while aesthetics naturally play a part in the overall guest experience. The very best hotels offer hospitality refined for both function and appearance. 

So let us help you create a five-star experience from start to finish offering some practical considerations for your hotel. 

Allow yourself to look at your business differently.

Go from concessions to commitments

Despite the fact that we understand that you have to deal with many practical challenges, we also advise you to take a good look at what you want to achieve and what is needed for that. Suppose your hotel is way better booked because we have redesigned your hotel rooms and lobby in a luxurious cozy and warm atmosphere. That may mean something for your housekeeping. And it can be well worth it to invest in this because your bookings go up and therefor your revenue. Allow yourself to look at your business differently. 

It is a choice to say; I invest in special options and commit myself to the consequences. Go from concessions to commitments. 

Invest money and attention in the right materials

Practical interiors really don’t have to be minimalist interiors. If you know me a little by now, then you know that my advice is to compete on content and not on price. That means that you have to look carefully at which materials do apply in your hotel interior design. 

You need to get off to a good start, especially in communal areas, where guests often form their first impression of your hotel. Never let the practicality go too far. Use aesthetically pleasing materials that also require minimal maintenance, and ensure a consistent and reliable ‘wow factor’. 

HPL as decor finish is therefore a logical and often seen choice for your furniture. But choose an option with a beautiful appearance! For example, we recently designed custom made cabinets by Capaz with an amazing walnut look by Pfleiderer.  See for yourself what materials can do in our Entrance Experience at the Indepent Hotel Show on 16 and 17 March in the RAI. The bespoke cabinets contain ornaments with a beautiful Antique Mirror, which we did in collaboration with Boer Glas. 

ensure a consistent and reliable
'wow factor'

Stone for drop dead gorgeous hospitality interiors

Stone is as well our top recommendation for achieving a practical yet drop dead gorgeous hospitality interior. There are endless types you can use, depending on its purpose and style. Granite worktops may sound grey and boring, but there are many coloufull options as well! Of course those are the one I will be choosing when working on your hotel design project. In breakfast dining areas this is very handy to minimise the post-catering clean up time, for example. 

And think about the implementation of marble! What an effective lavish aesthetic effect that creates, and yet highly practical in reception and lobby areas.

On the reception worktops of the Entrance Experience we show you beautiful slabs of the Italian company Coem. They take their inspiration from nature to create a porcelain stoneware able to reflect its natural beauty. The worktops were executed by Grillo. All super practical materials that are easy to maintain. Yet with a luxurious look.  

Thrilled already?! 

Adding luxurious textures without the hassle

Boutique Hotels often owe their name and fame to their interior. And in old (monumental) buildings it is important to find the balance between modern and usable interiors and make sure not to lose the grandeur at the same time.   

Working with paneling and beautiful ceiling ornaments can therefore be smart to restore or add something to a building. For this we like to work with Orac wall panels; you apply it wonderfully quickly and you add rich textures to a room, making it immediately more exciting and refined. 

More is More

Approaching your hotel interior via the minimalist slope, creates boring spaces. The moment your guests enter, you want them to prioritise the overall experience of their stay over a simple place to rest up for the night.  

Creating an immediate impression has therefor arguably never been more important.  

So stop stylish decluttering areas from the lobby to the rooms. This certainly does not mean that I am in favor of adding all kinds of knick-knacks. The right wall coverings, upholstery and your decoration all contribute to the layering in your interior and therefore to the level of luxury. 

How do you achieve this?

Just like letting your practical sumptious materials do the talking, the trick here is to find statement pieces that create a distinct luxury impression without feeling over-the-top. 

The over-decoration of an area can easily create a sense of messiness in your interior. Instead look to be logical and sparing with your decorative items, whatever the space. Use your walls to keep the floor and walkways clear. This gives a tidy and yet dressed appearance.  

And don’t forget the ceiling! If you have a high space, you can hang statement pieces here. Preferably in groups. And also think in light options here; this can beautifully decorate your hotel without getting bogged down in all sorts of clutter. 

Choose the right furniture as a designstyle statement

Likewise, look to utilise furniture as statement pieces within both your lobby and your guest rooms. For our hotel designs with regard to the furniture, we always choose the right mix of practicality and aesthetics. Price also often plays a role in the choices. You can also make a difference with simple models. If you pay close attention to the colors and fabrics on it.  

Pick a couple of items that will optimise the guest experience while maintaining a grandiose aesthetic all the while. In order to achieve these principles, we work together with Richmond Interiors at the Independent Hotel Show for the furniture.  

Rethink your hotel beds

Because the bed in the hotel room is the largest piece of furniture, we think you should take a good look at it. A bed should first of all sleep well, no doubt about that.It’s what your guest comes for after all. But because it is such an important piece of furniture in your guest rooms, you don’t want it to detonate. Placing a bed with a great design can contribute a lot to the feeling of your room. 

We work together with Auping. We think the cool thing about them is that they have a lot of colour options for the beds, so that we can let them blend in with the hotel interior. In addition, Auping works very sustainably, which is super important in this transition period.  

The highlight in terms of design is the headboard. This strengthens your hotel room big time and we design tailor-made solutions for all our hotel rooms. It’s one of my favorites to design, closely related to the overall design. 

Lighting is the ultimate connector between aestethics and practicality

If there is one element in your hotel interior that can be super practical and yet phenominally beautiful at the same time, it is your lighting. It is precisely a luminaire that contributes to your entire appearance. So making the right choice is key.  

The great thing about lighting is that there is a lot of choice and you should mainly go for the effect you want and choose a right fixture for it. Making a lighting plan is a specialty in itself and for this we work together with specialized parties. For the luminaires we like to look at the fixtures of Hudson Valley Lighting Groupas we did for the Indepent Hotel Show.  

By applying the tips above you can ensure your hotel is both practical ad yet feels like a five-star experience that keeps guests coming back for more. 


To your massive succes!


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