Who is interior designer

Ingrid van der Veen?


As an interior designer I design high-profile interiors. From hotel to restaurant, from office to shop, from home to holiday home and from heritage to modern.
Listening to people, inspiring them, lovingly taking them out of their comfort zone. That is what makes people feel inspired and makes them smile.
It is about the story you tell, the feeling that something evokes and the experience that goes with it. That’s what counts for me. Wallpaper, furniture and technical elaboration are my means of achieving this.
My strength lies in telling stories and that is more than the sum of just the technical aspects and stuff.
I mainly focus on hospitality and residential interior design. That does not alter the fact that I avoid other creative questions.
Do you have a wonderful question where I can sink my teeth in? One for which I can think of a popping end result for you? Let me know!

I create magic that stays behind

- Ingrid -

Design and execution of colorful functional interiors that radiate tranquility. A feast for the eyes due to the careful ratio of color, material and shape. Unique because I design, reuse and refurbish furniture, upholstery and accessories. I pull out all the stops to make a space work for you, your guests, your customers or your product.

We love our interiors to embrace your customers and we love your customers to embrace our interiors

- Ingrid -

Who is interior designer Ingrid van der Veen?

Not mainstream, has a clear identity and signature in her work and not for the faint-hearted.

what else?

She loves her customers, is enthusiastic and accurate, She always keeps her appointments, Is flexible and loves her live on a large piece of land on the edge of the forest where she makes her red-painted nails dirty with weeding in the vegetable garden.

She is not the YES woman walking along with you. She’ll take you out of your comfort zone, She’ll show you things you’ve never seen before. She fights for the best results, is your best friend and black sheep.

Last but not least

She is an artist and pioneer, she regularly works on free work to get herself out of her comfort zone and to do research. She stands for balanced, artistic interiors full of peace.
A feast for the eyes due to the careful ratio of color, material and shape. There are no interior laws. Unique because she designs many details herself with her team and works for projects with fabric artists, furniture geaks, wallpaper freaks, lighting geeks and even more like-minded / crazy people who have the same drive as Ingrid.

How do I proceed?

  1. Extensive introduction
  2. Ingrid views on your situation in tailor-made presentation.
  3. A concrete total concept with designs, plans, materials and colors based on the discussed moodbook translated into visualisations.
  4. Custom designs for furniture, lighting or artworks, for example, make the design unique.
  5. Project management: you are unburdened with the purchase of all items and managing all the different specialists.
  6. YOUR unique design turnkey delivered


I like to make clear choices and communicate that way. As an art director and product designer I have developed a good practical and technical insight and a great knowledge of materials, as you will notice when we start working together.
I make clear quotes, realistic schedules and supervises the execution of her design up to and including delivery. I work with suppliers and producers from all over the world, but also close to home where possible.


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