How Hospitality Sensory Interior Design touches Your Guests Subconsciously

Gone are the days where creating an appealing and memorable hospitality environment was just about aesthetics.

Every guest who comes to you has expectations. Even if they have been with you many times before. What happens when you can outdo these guests on their conscious and unconscious level? Sounds complicated? No way! 

How do you handle this? Experience it yourself during the Indepent Hotel Show.

How do you get your interior to tell the customer what they want to remember?

Sensory Interior Design - Experience it yourself

In the Entrance Experience of the Indepedent Hotel Show on March 16 and 17 in the RAI, we will show you, together with 22 supplier partners, what stimulating all the senses can do for the experience of your guests in your hotel.

People are primarily visually oriented. The interior design will therefore be the first thing that stands out. Colors and materials play the biggest role here. But on a deeper level, textures, shapes and lines also play an important role.

Of course, your guest won’t decompose your interior the way we do now. But from this point on you do touch the guest on a subconscious level. By further rolling out and applying these elements, your story as the manager or owner of a hospitality business becomes even stronger.

Find out how everything comes together with Sensory Interior Design In de Entrance Experience

In the Entrance Experience we show this from several sides. We let you experience which addition can yield results. And how you can roll this out further. Be inspired and receive great tips and advice.

Such as the collaboration with print designer Bert Timmermans from WorkingBert combined with Textiles & More.

As a design studio I was asked to design the Entrance Experience of The Independent Hotel Show. I developed a concept for this and wanted to combine amorphous shapes with clean lines. Bert experiments by hand which enables an imperfection of coincidence which emphasizes the human character of the designs. Spots, stains, scan marks, scratches, damaged surfaces, wilted flowers, photograms and Japanese dyeing techniques are translated into different non repetitive interior wall and window solutions.

This digital tactility creates textile awareness in interiors and provides the necessary Humanification of our square hard spaces we live and work in. Beautifully executed by and on the materials in close collaboration with Textiles & More. Admire the wallpaper and veils in the hotel room, lobby and reception.

how everythings come together with sensory interior design

More possibilities of Sensory Interior Design

On the floor in the lobby area of the Entrance Experience, we show the sleek shapes as a counterpart. 

A custom-made wall to wall with diagonal lines on an extremely strong Tarkett carpet. Which is very suitable for the hospitality industry. By making smart use of a good design of carpet tiles, you can create something special in your hotel and yet you can replace a piece in no time if necessary without having to redo the entire floor.

We love the super cool marble tiles in the reception upon entering! A hotel room with a beautiful wooden PVC floor provides the chicness we are looking for. And that our guests will definitely experience, without probably being aware of it.

Sensory design works from many layers. We are still talking about the design elements. Do you have a little more patience? We’ll go deeper into the additional layers in a moment.

Materials and Sensory Interior Design

Materials are of great importance to the senses of your guests.

The senses are stimulated by combining different and complementary textures. In the lobby, for example, the geometric and sleek pattern of the wall-to-wall features a custom-designed coffee table. We were able to make these together with our partner Solid Nature

In the design of this coffee table we combine 3 different colors of natural stones with happy swinging fringes. Hard, soft, heavy, light. Wonderful to touch your guests with materials and contrasts

A Sensory Interior Design customized

We design custom items for all our hospitality projects. You cannot do without it if you want to have a high-profile interior. Items made of beautiful natural stone are ideal for that. You can use the cold, hard material that comes straight from nature as a supplement to the soft materials in your hotel interior.

How can you dive even more with your guests in to their subconscious? Also consider sound, light and smell.

Sound in combination with a sensory interior design

In addition to a warm welcome, sound in the form of music can greatly help your guests feel at ease.

Also think of spaces that you don’t immediately think of at first, but you have probably experienced how comfortable it feels when music is played. Think of transition areas such as the toilets, the parking garage and the corridors.

We have applied this sound aspect in the Entrance Experience together with DZ Domotica. You can match the type of music beautifully with the atmosphere you want to feel in your company.

A wonderful scent enhanced the sensory interior design

Smell is perhaps the most subconscious yet most important component in a Sensory Interior Design.

Think about your business, what association comes to mind in terms of smell? Is that a positive smell or a negative one? Scent has a very associative effect and so it is very important that positive vibes bubble up with your customers.

Come and experience it for yourself at the Entrance Experience at The Indepent Hotel Show. Together with Marie-Stella-Maris we have added a fragrance experience to the Indepentent Hotel Show.

Marie-Stella-Maris has developed unisex fragrances that lift the mood and create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable. The products are made from natural ingredients up to 100% and all personal care products are free of parabens, silicones and artificial colors. To top it all off, they have sustainable packaging. We love it!

So, with a sensory interior design you spoil your guests, consciously and unconsciously. This way you give that little bit extra, making the guests feel at ease and you are one step ahead of the competition!

Go Rock the Sky! And experience it yourself.

To your massive succes!


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