Hospitality design to get publicity

Today in the Netherlands it is Sinterklaas, a kind of Santa Claus figure, who hands out presents. Children sing songs under the chimney and put their shoe by the fireplace so Sinterklaas can put something in it.

I hadn’t even put up my shoe and yet I got a great gift today.

Even though the wrapper was already off and I already knew what it was, my heart jumped with childish joy when I got the message that it was out; the new and first magazine of Hotelvak. A platform for the hotel sector, both online and in the form of a  tasteful magazine.

Because it contains a great article of 4 pages about my designs and vision AND as icing on the Sinterklaas cake, my design has been chosen. ON. THE. COVER. (and foreword and table of contents 🚀) 

And it’s much more than just fun for me to be on a cover. It tells exactly what I do with my hospitality designs every time. In this case for my own branding, but normally for my clients.

View our media page here


With a f*ing good interior design, you get f*ing good PR.

PERIOD. (and sorry for my language)

And I don’t have to tell you how super helpful this works for your hotel or restaurant business. Your (expert) status increases, you attract new guests / customers (I always get new requests 💃🏼), your staff is super proud, you are wonderfully happy.

I just did a crazy dance to celebrate and I like to do that on Stars on 45.

So, do you want to be on the cover with your project soon?

Then do your crazy dance too (please turn up the volume, just doing it will make you instantly happy) and see your hotel or restaurant on that cover. Then the universe (and I) takes care of the rest.

Oh yes, let me know you want to get started 😅

I hope you have been sweet too and santa will bring you gifts 🎁


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