4 Signs you know it is time to invest in a Hotel Interior Design

Having a healthy business means making choices. But how do you know which choice is the best for this moment? There is often so much to invest in having a hotel or restaurant. How do you choose whether you are going to invest in a new air conditioning system, the construction of a new terrace or an upgrade (or completely) new interior design for your hotel? In this blog I want to tell you more about investing in hotel interior design.  

I want to share the consequences if a new hotel interior does not feel urgent for you. And 4 signs it’s time to develop an interior design. 

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Even though you think you are already on the top, there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

The consequences if a new hotel interior does not feel urgent 

If something is literally broken in your hotel or restaurant interior you often have no choice. You have to replace it. But there are often many components in your business that don’t feel so urgent. For example a new hotel interior.  
As a result, large investments are often pushed into the long term. Do you recognize that? But they can have a lot of impact on your business. With the result that you miss out on income. Do you recognize that too?  

Think about the consequences if you don’t invest in the big picture in time. If you wait too long, this can have major consequences. You have chosen to postpone large costs, but what will a long-term investment cost? And will your guests notice this?  

For example, consider the image of your company. The consequences of postponing an investment in the interior of your hotel will no longer fit with your strategy in the longer term. With what you want to radiate and how you want to receive your guests. These are important themes that belong to investing in the big picture. 

Smart entrepreneurs know; standing still means going backwards. Next, I will give you 4 signs why I think it’s important to invest on time.  

4 signs it's time to explore in a Hotel Interior Design

To help you make the right choice for you and your hotel, I’ll give you 4 signs when you know it’s a good idea to start investing in a hotel interior design. 

Sign 1: Your hotel interior gets little or no publicity in the right magazines. 

If your interior is hardly ever seen in photo features in interior-, lifestyle- or business magazines you will be missing out on very important FREE publicity among the right target group. A high profile hospitality interior is the easiest way to get this. Open any magazine on traveling or lifestyle and you will see beautiful hotels and restaurants featured. What if you could be one of them? Know that this is possible!  

This is one of our key results when we help you in our Top-Notch Design Solution. By standing out you WILL get featured, that is just how it works. In magazines, blogs and travel guides. And we both know how important this is! When I was interviewed for this publication amongst other designers it was our design that hit the front cover. Simply because we know how to stand out in the crowd.  

Have you ever thought of putting your marketing budget into your hotel or restaurant interior design? It may sound a bit crazy at first glance. But think about it; your interior IS marketing. 

Boutique Hotels often find it difficult to compete with large hotels or travel organizations with huge marketing budgets and they do not or hardly exceed a Booking.com. Super frustrating of course! But what if you can compete on content instead of price? Then you are smart. And we are happy to help with that. 

Sign 2: If your hotel or restaurant furniture, curtains or floors are worn or broken.  

Operating high level you know it’s the beginning of the end if you find yourself constantly replacing little things. And yet I run into many high end hotels and restaurants that do not feel the urgency to do much about it. Which amazes me! Believe me, people see and feel you are not as top-notch as they hoped for. Back home that is what they will share with their friends and family. Something you totally want and CAN avoid. 

Sign 3: When you see a competitor with a more attractive hotel interior design than yours.  

Visiting amazing hotel or restaurant designs is something you probably do when you are traveling for inspiration. While visiting amazing locations you might go in your mind; Yes, I love this and it totally inspires me. And chances are great that you feel that this place is not a competitor since they are on another site of the world. You see them more as inspirators. But what if a new stunning place shows up around your corner, in your area. How would THAT make you feel?  You won’t be thrilled that much anymore, I suppose?  

My advice; always, always, always make sure YOU are in that place. Keep growing, keep improving. Even though you think you are already on the top, there is ALWAYS room for improvement.  Remember not to become lazy and be content with what you already have. 

Sign 4: If you’re losing money because of excessively long walking routes in your business.

With staff being a high cost item in your business it is wise to have your walking routes as efficient as possible. When creating the floorplan of a new or redesign of a hotel or restaurant this is one of the key points we look into. Creating smart solutions for this can really save you money! 

Creating a budget plan is one of the steps in our Top-Notch Design Solution

How a hospitality design studio can help you decide if now is the time to invest.

So now you know the 4 signs to discover when it is wise for you to invest in a hotel interior design, where do you see yourself in this investing picture? Did you recognize yourself in one or more signs? And how did that make you feel?  

And if now turns out to be relevant for you, what is your next step? How is your budget this whole new step? Something a good interior design studio of course can coach you in. Creating a budget plan is one of the steps in our Top-Notch Design Solution. 

Stay smart and invest in time.  

If you need somebody to talk to about investments for your hotel interior design, you can always call me. I can help you to take the next step. Together we can make you grow! 

To your massive succes!


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