How Color Can Supercharge Your Revenue

We all want a thriving business, be unique, serve top level, drive a Porsche and so on.

But not everybody out there actually wants to put in all the effort that it really takes to reach those goals.

And that is exactly where the division arises between average and top level.

Ever since I was a little kid I would go for top level. I would explore options, do research, go ask questions and just go all the way. So now being a high-profile hospitality interior expert I just love to work with people who have the same mindset as I do. So we can level and hang out there together.

Let me take you on a little journey that I have been on the last couple of years where I discovered where the gold is in an interior. How I learned exactly which buttons we can push to get your company to the top level. And one of the most important components that I use for this is color.

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What scientific reveals about color in your interior

Scientific research has revealed that color has a powerful psychological effect on people’s behavior and decisions making. We’ve all heard of color psychology, but have you ever thought about how important color may be for your business? For the type of clients you attract? Or for your revenue?

Holy cow, really? But honestly, Ingrid, colour psychology? Hello, I have a business to run.

I totally understand.

Why you would want color in your hotel or restaurant

Let me explain briefly why you would wanna care about color psychology. Because you have to. Because your clients are either ordering an extra drink/meal/dessert with you or are leaving the place. Simply because of color. I know, not many people (also designers!) talk about this in the hospitality world. But you probably know the examples of how smart marketers deal with color psychology and how to influence people with this. You can do this to!

So by taking color seriously it can supercharge your income. Oke… now your listening, right?

Brave results ask for courageous decisions

How color is an important marketing tool in your business

Did you know it’s a matter of seconds for people to make decisions on their first encounter with your hotel or restaurant? And that 62‐90% of the people make a decision solely on colors alone? Whether that is online or offline. The interesting thing is, this is all in the subconscious of their mind. They won’t go like;  Oh wow, what a lovely color combo has this restaurant or … My goodness look at that purple beige hotelroom, I’m not gonna book this.

It goes more like; this FEELS good, let’s go there.

And guess what:

Color can be the sole reason someone books a reservation or hotel. How about that?!

Colors have been my passion all my life and to be honest; I’m obsessive about it. In a good way! I’ve seen, experienced and proven the power of color. So when surveys say that 93% of buyers focus on visual appearance, and almost 85% claim color to be their primary reason for purchase it conforms that I’m on the right track helping entrepreneurs with this.

The Key element in hospitality design

I’m not going to bore you with all the understanding of the perception of different colors, leave that to us. What’s important for you to realize for now is that efficient utilization of appropriate colors can improve your income big time!

So one of the key elements we use our hospility designs is consistency and the right selection. Because we work in the upper segment in the hotel and restaurant industry colors or color combinations can make or break your reputation. By making the right color choices that suit your current or new reputation and by targeting your customers we select an array of colors that outstands your services from others. Thereby making it unique and also so it makes it easy for your customers to identify your hotel, restaurant or resort quickly.

The Sky is not the limit, you are.

To your succes!

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