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About Ingrid

How can the hotel earn more? How can the hotel become even more successful and attractive? The questions every hotel owner asks and where I can help! I have been active in the hotel business for a number of years.

Hospitality is always paramount. I look at how we can make that experience even more unique, so that guests really feel luxurious and get away from it all.

I make sure that the quirkiness of the hotel comes into its own by using a balance in color. The use of color on color in combination with patterns, special fabrics and materials creates a rich layering and depth.

Each room gets a special and characteristic design that I then implement and also ensure that it remains livable. I pull out all the stops to make a space work for you and your guests.

Design and execution of colorful, functional interiors that radiate tranquility. A feast for the eyes due to the careful ratio of color, material and shape. Unique because I design, reuse and refurbish furniture, upholstery and accessories. I have a great preference for eclectic chic.

Ingrid has her own style that fits us perfectly. When styling, she opts for color, diversity, beautiful functional materials and organic elements.
Thanks to the good conversations we have with her beforehand, Ingrid knows exactly what our wishes are and she can then translate this well. Our rooms at Librije’s Hotel have a distinctive character from the start, each room is unique. Ingrid has ensured that this has remained the case.
We are very happy with the result. It has become exactly the way we intended it.

Colorful. Hospitable. Balance. Livable. Creative. Price conscious.

No idea know where to start? Or do you have ideas but no clue how to change them into a beautiful interior?
I am happy to help you on your way to your dream hotel interior. We start at the beginning.
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