A beautiful hotel interior to stay ahead of your competitors

An interior is a natural projection of the soul

Why a beautiful hotel interior design matters: 6 benefits

Competition in the hospitality industry is fierce and bland hotels struggle to connect with the best target groups that are looking for special options. Whether guests realize it or not, they choose properties that match their aesthetics, their aspirations and their vision of what a hotel should be. Your hotel needs to convey a lot with its interior design. A well-designed space can:

  1. Target the types of guests you want to see again and again
  2. Highlight the features and amenities of your hotel
  3. Can help you use your marketing budget wisely
  4. Inspire planners to book events at your property
  5. Win recognition from your local community
  6. Convey your brand promise

How a beautiful hotel interior ensures that you don't have to compete on price

Tired of competing on price? Make sure you compete on your product!

Don’t spend your marketing budget on expensive advertisements (which still won’t get you above a Booking.com) but put it in your hotel. By making your interior unique, you compete on content instead of price.

Do I make sense?

Knowing you have an outstanding story worth telling… , but still you do not serve the clients that match that story. Repeatedly holding yourself back from standing out with your business and playing small out of fear of how others will react to your new look.

You are feeling overwhelmed by the many ideas in your head and afraid of missing the mark. And no matter how successful you are, you are feeling stuck on how to make your business stand out, attract the best guests and get listed in the best guides.



Using a beautiful hotel interior to stay ahead of your competitors

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you’re a visionary who thinks and does things differently. You built a thriving business, shook people’s beliefs with your own, went against what everyone suggested you “should” do, and crushed it anyway. You understood through experience that going against the grain is not only profitable, it’s the most gratifying path to your dreams.

So, how is it possible that some owners of top-notch hotels and restaurants are able to continually attract the best guests, leaving the competition trailing behind them, while most hospitality entrepreneurs, even at the top, have to do their utmost to retain their best clients?

Most hotel and restaurant owners like to travel a lot to get inspired for their own business. They come home with new ideas for their own company.

When you travel and get inspired, what do you pay attention to?

First, you will feel much more relaxed, after all you will not have the daily worries about your business for a while. By regularly going away and feeding yourself with new ideas, you can also look at your company from a greater distance.

But, do you really dare to be honest and see what’s wrong with your company? Do you dare to explore and face the pain points?

So even if you regularly enter an establishment where every detail is in balance, why is it then that only a handful of entrepreneurs seem to have found the key to standing out in the crowd? What secret have these owners discovered that you haven’t?

A beautiful hotel interior is the easiest way to stay on top

To operate at the highest level, you will also need to take your interior seriously. And once you do this, you will also realise why other hotels and restaurants at the top are always fully booked with the best guests, receive great reviews, and are featured in the best magazines and guides.

I will share you my focus points when working on your interior. And after that I will also tell you what you can do today to make changes.

To make a good start, it is very important that we first have crystal clear what you and your company stand for. This blueprint will be the starting point for our design work.

What to keep in mind creating a beautiful hotel interior

In our Top-Notch Design Solution we start by from translating your story into your interior.

How do you get your interior to tell the customer what they want to remember?

If you do this right, you will gain access to the subconscious of your guests. They’ll get the feeling they’re in the right place and that’s why they’ll keep coming back for more, without even being able to explain why.


5 mistakes to avoid in a beautiful hotel interior

  1. Staying in your comfort zone
  2. Thinking your interior is still good enough
  3. Not daring to make really bold choices
  4. Not translating your true identity to your interior
  5. Making your own adjustments in the interior and therefor miss the mark


So by creating a beautiful hotel interior you win your guests for you with the greatest of ease. They expect nothing else from you.

Go rock the sky!

Make more revenue with a high profile interior

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